EURES is an initiative of the European Union for the promotion of the Euroregional and European labour market.

EURES plays a specifically important role within border regions, meaning in areas with a big amount of cross-border commuters. More than 1.000.000 people who live in one EU-member state, but work in another, are confronted with differing national legal systems and regulations. Often, judicial, administrative or tax differences can present barriers to mobility for these cross-border commuters on a daily basis.


EURES-experts on these topics offer the employees who commute across the border special support and advice on their rights and duties.


Currently, 19 countries participate in 12 cross-border EURES-partnerships, which are spread geographically all over Europe. These partnerships aim to meet the needs for information and advice on cross-border mobility. For this purpose, public labour administrations, educational services, labour associations, local public authorities and other relevant organisation come together within these cooperations. The EURES-partnership present important points of exchange between labour authorities on a regional and national level, on the one hand, and social security bodies, on the other hand. Moreover, they play an essential role for the monitoring of the regional employment area on both sides of the border, which contributes significantly to the development of a truly interconnected European labour market.