Organisational structure

The Rhine-Waal Euroregion is a Dutch-German public body with about 50 member organisations, including municipalities, regional governments, and chambers of commerce from the border region.

Euroregion Council
The Euroregion Council is the most important decision-making body in the Rhine-Waal Euroregion. All member organisations are represented in the council, which consists of 149 representatives in total and convenes at least twice a year. The Euroregion Council makes the strategic decisions for the further development of the Rhine-Waal Euroregion. Please klick here for the List of all representatives.

Euroregion Council committees
Three committees have been set up in preparation for the council decision:
• Committee for Cross-border Affairs
• Committee for Economic Affairs
• Committee for Finances and Projects

The committees each consist of eighteen Euroregion Council representatives. They advise on issues such as current developments, project approval, and the Rhine-Waal Euroregion’s budget.

Chairmanship and Management Board
The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Rhine-Waal Euroregion are selected from the ranks of the Euroregion Council. Their term of office lasts four years. The committee chairs and three other members of the Euroregion Council complete the Management Board, whose main responsibilities are the preparation and execution of council decisions and the general management of the the Rhine-Waal Euroregion Secretariate. The Management Board members are:

Management Board Members

Hubert Bruls, Mayor of Nijmegen and Chairman of the Euregio Rhine-Waal
Member of the INTERREG Germany-Netherlands Supervisory Committee

Thomas Ahls, Mayor of Alpen and Vice Chairman of the Euregio Rhine-Waal, Chairman of the regional Interreg Steering Committee

Dr. Stefan Dietzfelbinger, Director of the Lower Rhine Chamber of Commerce in Duisburg, Wesel and Kleve, and Chairman of the Committee for Economic Affairs


Sören Link, Mayor of Duisburg


Peter Hinze, Mayor of Emmerich

Agnes Schaap, Mayor of Renkum and Chairman of the Committee for Finances and Projects
Marieke Moorman, Mayor of Land van Cuijk and Chairman of the Committee for Cross Border Affairs
René Verhulst, Mayor of Ede


The Rhine-Waal Euroregion Secretariate [link] is established in Haus Schmithausen in Kleve and currently counts 29 Dutch and German staff members.