Germany-Netherlands intermunicipal collaboration

The Rhine-Waal Euroregion’s main goals are promoting European integration and pulling down national borders. The Euroregion hopes to accomplish this by establishing intermunicipal collaboration and stratigic cooperation with institutions and governments. One of the Euroregion’s key tasks is widely increasing awareness of cross-border unamity and solidarity.


Cross-border collaboration between governments and institutions has not been made easier by the partially very different legal frameworks. The more intensive the partnership, the more clearly problems come to light which can usually be practically solved on the spot, but of which the solution is not legally protected.

It is therefore increasingly necessary to seek out joint starting points for solutions and demand legal protection thereof. These are worked out at so-called round table sessions which are attended by members from both sides of the border and formulate certain themes (such as emergency management or flood control), or by committees such as the German-Dutch spatial planning committee, the GROS (cross-border collaboration) consultation between the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) and the GEA (Cross-border Economy and Labour Market) Action Team, which is also facilitated by the BZK.