SMall Project Fund Interreg VI A

The European Union supports cooperation projects between neighbouring countries. The "Interreg VI Germany-Nederland" programme was created specifically for projects that focus on cooperation in the German-Dutch border region. In order to make the application procedure for Interreg funds more accessible, the Euregio Rhine-Waal, in consultation with the other German-Dutch Euregios and the Interreg partners, has developed a "Small Project Fund" (KPF for short). It is specially designed for initiatives up to a maximum of 25,000 euros in funding. There is a simplified procedure for smaller activities with a short duration that are eligible for a lump sum of 750 euros.


The small project fund supports projects that focus on the following thematic areas:

  • Education (e.g. school exchanges, cooperation between schools/universities, exchanges of teachers/professors, language support, internships).
  • Governance (promotion of cooperation between public institutions and authorities)
  • Health (exchange and networking e.g. of health services, prevention, care - but also animal health and animal disease control)
  • People-to-people (promotion of cooperation between citizens). This opens up a wide range of project opportunities, e.g. in the fields of culture, sport, history and tourism.

Who can apply?
Project applications can be submitted at any time by municipalities, municipal associations, associations, companies and other legal entities under public and private law and natural persons who run a business. Funding is only available for projects in which German and Dutch partners cooperate with each other. 


This is new

A simplified application procedure makes it possible for all associations, organisations and groups to participate. The application procedure is also simplified because the Small Projects Fund works with lump sums. This means that the often time-consuming obligation to provide proof in the form of invoices or bank statements is no longer necessary. Events that usually last only one day can in future be supported with a lump sum of 750 euros. For other initiatives or projects in the KPF, funding of up to 25,000 euros will continue to be possible.


Further information
Details on the general and financial terms and conditions can be found in the guidelines. You can also make an appointment with one of our staff members. We are happy to inform you regarding the various subsidy options and to help you with the development of your project and finding partners and co-financiers.

Mrs Svenja Arntz (project coordinator, projects up to € 25,000 subsidy)

Mrs Astrid Hubbers (projects up to € 25,000 subsidy and projects up to € 750 subsidy)

Mrs Kerstin Cleven (financial administrative settlement)