The industry is changing rapidly. New technologies and the digital transformation present big challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on a competitive market. The European project Digipro aims to support SMEs in the Dutch-German border region in the digital transformation of their products, application methods and production procedures, and promotes cross-border cooperation and knowledge exchange.


Within the framework of Digipro, the participating SMEs within the project area can benefit from concrete funding initiatives. Support for the SMEs is offered in five consecutive modules. These modules comprise, among others, support

  • through funding for the development of concepts, feasibility studies, and prototypes,
  • through the provision of know-how and knowledge transfer,
  • through brokering contacts for cross-border cooperation with partners in the Netherlands and Germany,
  • and with an established network of competences.

Moreover, Digipro organises regular information events and workshops, coachings, and cluster forming activities with other SMEs and knowledge institution from the neighbouring country.


Within the five-step model, flexibility for the SMEs is given at all times: SMEs can step into that module which suits their status of progress best. This means, that modules may also be skipped if they are not applicable for the respective SME.           

Lead partner in the Digipro project and thus, in charge of the administrative handling, is the Dutch development agency Oost NL. They cooperate closely with the affiliated project partners Huis van de Brabantse Kempen, LIOF, Stichting Regionaal Centrum voor Technologie Gelderland, IHK Niederrhein, MCC, GEMIT and the Euregio Rhine-Waal. Additionally, a number of external enterprises and organisations function as associated partners and support the handling of the project.


You can find further information on the project’s website via www.digipro-interreg.eu. If you have more specific questions concerning Digipro and its funding opportunities, please feel free to directly contact the project manager Erwin Altean via +31 (0)614979533 or  erwin.altena@oostnl.nl. 


Digipro is funded within the framework of the INTERREG VA-programme Germany-Netherlands through the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRD) of the European Union. The project is co-financed by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Dutch Provinces Gelderland, Limburg and North Brabant, the government of North Rhine-Westphalia, and the European Union/INTERREG.